Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

Do you suffer from hemorrhoids? If so, you know that this condition can impact nearly every part of your life. The pain and itching of hemorrhoids can make sitting, riding a bicycle, or just about any other activity a very unpleasant experience. How do you get rid of hemorrhoids? The method you choose to get rid of hemorrhoids will depend largely on the severity of your condition. Those with mild cases of hemorrhoids will often find that by increasing their fiber intake and using stool softeners, they will alleviate the strain that causes and worsens hemorrhoids. In these cases, the condition will often go away on its own.

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Another way to get rid of mild hemorrhoids is to avoid eating commercially packaged, processed foods, including fast food meals and packaged snacks. These items can promote constipation and make stools hard and dry, increasing the strain you place on your body when using the toilet. Eliminating these items from your diet is an excellent natural way to get rid of hemorrhoids – and as long as you continue avoiding these foods, chances are good that your condition will not return.Although your lifestyle may make it difficult to do so, try to avoid sitting for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting places tremendous strain on the veins of the rectum, causing them to rupture and become inflamed. If possible, try to walk around for at least five to ten minutes every hour to give your bottom a break. Many sufferers find that this simple action causes their hemorrhoids to disappear within a matter of days. Those with more severe hemorrhoids may want to include the use of topical creams or medicated pads to alleviate pain and itching. These products often will not do anything to reduce the presence of hemorrhoids, but they can provide some relief from common symptoms.

In severe cases, surgery may be an option. Although this will get rid of hemorrhoids, it does not prevent them from returning, so it is important to consider this option carefully before committing to a surgical procedure. Hemorrhoid surgery is also often painful and expensive, so this strategy should only be used as a last resort.

In recent years, quite a few alternative remedies have surfaced for getting rid of hemorrhoids. Some of these techniques draw on the principles of Eastern natural medicine, incorporating herbs into the diet to reduce inflammation and promote healthy bowel movements. Other strategies focus on proper exercise, avoidance of certain foods, and other lifestyle changes to help get rid of hemorrhoids.

It is a good idea to start with simple changes, and to see if these changes allow your hemorrhoids to go away by themselves. In many cases, you can find relief from hemorrhoid pain and itching without resorting to messy topical creams or painful surgery.

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